Dominica is The Nature Island, the most mountainous of the Caribbean and the destination for wildlife, flora and diver’s lovers. It is located in the Heart of the Caribbean, between Guadeloupe and Martinique. Dominica is 46 km long and 25 km wide with a total area of 754 km2.

The highest mountains of the Lesser Antilles are in Dominica. Morne Diablotin is the highest Point that culminates up to 1447 m. Dominica has a tropical climate with heavy rainfalls that feed waterfalls, hot springs, rivers and 6 kinds of tropical forests including the famous Rain Forest and the Morne -Trois -Pitons National Park  classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO . The number of inhabitants is about 68,000 and are concentrated mainly along the West Coast from Roseau the capital to Portsmouth in the North. There are still 3000 Indians located on the East Coast. Dominica is a Volcanic Island with an undeniable activity. You can experience it by visiting the famous Boiling Lake  and the Valley of Desolation, which is fed by hot springs that prevent the development of any plant life, contrasting with the surrounding rain forests.

Divers get ready!… Dominica is undoubtedly an authentic island as much in its landscapes than in its life style. The sea below is as amazing as the land above. With volcanic vents and plunging sea walls, colourful reefs and soft corals, Sea turtles and sperm whales. Dive in Dominica and you will find out why we are one of the top Caribbean Diving Destinations and one of the best diving experiences in the world.

The island for hikers … Every trail across the island leads you to discover nature’s pristine environment with a touch of adventure. Through gorges and valleys into dense mountain rainforest, from rushing streams and rivers to natural springs and bubbling mud baths, to a myriad of cascading waterfalls, and a vast array of flora and fauna. Dominica will amaze and inspire everyone from the casual walker and serious hiker alike, as well as those who aspire to learn more about life in its natural state.
Dominica is home since 2011 of the Caribbean’s first long distance walking trail The Waitukubuli National Trail which covers 115 miles trail of some of the best hiking in the Caribbean, spanning the communities of Scott’s Head in the South, to the Cabrits National Park in the North. It takes you through National Parks, Local Communities, farm lands, Forest Reserves, Coastal Areas, and the acclaimed Morne-Trois Pitons National Park UNESCO Natural World Heritage SiteThe Waitukubuli National Trail  (WNT) highlights Island History, Culture, Community Life, Biological Diversity, Natural Beauty, Watersheds, and Forest Conservation. The Waitukubuli National Trail is truly a Unique Eco Tour Experience, and an amazing way to discover the Nature Island.
Buying a pass is required to access the different segments of the WNT to ensure its preservation.
3 categories of pass are available: Pass one day Go to one or more segments (US$12) Special Pass For tours and promotional events (US$10) Pass 15 days To browse all 14 segments (US$40)

Our Motto… Take your time to explore this mountainous and volcanic island that offers a Boiling Lake, Freshwater Lakes, Incredible Wildlife, Hundreds of Birds including Parrots, 3 National Parks, 3 Forest Reserve and a Marine Reserve (SSMR) .

Dominica has a long standing history of conservation. All non-resident users of the National Parks, Forest Reserves and Marine Reserves are asked to note that Site Passes are required for some of the sites, to contribute to sustainable maintenance and upgrade. Site passes can be purchased for a small user fee at the National Parks Office in the Botanical Gardens or at the Sites themselves. A list of the relevant sites and details of the user fees are noted below.
Important: Some of the private Sites like: Jacko Falls, Spanny Falls, Screw Spa, Tia Bambou, Ti Coin Glo Cho and Soltun Falls are private and required a special pass that you can only get on the site itself.

User fees are required for the following Government Sites: 

  • Emerald Pool
  • Cabrits National Park & Fort Shirley
  • Trafalgar Falls
  • Syndicate Forest
  • Middleham Falls
  • Soufriere Sulphur Springs
  • Boeri Lake
  • Indian River
  • Boiling Lake
  • Morne Diablotin Trail
  • Freshwater Lake
  • Morne Trois Pitons Trail

 The cost of Site passes:

For visiting sites on land: US$5 per site or US$12 for a Week Pass. Week Passes give unlimited visits to the range of National Park Sites for the holder of the ticket, during the relevant week, and are the best value for money! Week passes do not include access to the Soufriere/Scotts Head Marine Reserve (SSMR). Your dive shop will collect this user-fee from you before you dive. For more information contact the Forestry Wildlife and Parks Division at Tel:(767) 266-3817 or 


750 Km2 / 68 000 hab.