Who am I?

Welcome in Tana’s World!

My name is Tanaquil, but most people knows me as Tana.
I live in Dominica since 2007.
I discovered Dominica on a Caribbean vacation.
At the end of the trip I decided to extend my journey for a week and
ended up in Dominica.
Since then I am still there! Subjugate by the beauty of this island,
the charming and friendly people make that since then
I am still here and does not intend to leave!

After visiting the island in all its corners I decided to become a tour guide
and settle down for good!

As the years passed I build a stone house that offers two separate lodges
Vanil Vaness Loft and Avocado Lodge where im delighted to accommodate guests.
I am living on the same site in a wooden house.
Doing so I created on this island my little universe.
I also offer tours and hikes.

I would be delighted to welcome you to Vanil Vaness and Avocado Lodge by the river
for you to discover Dominica.
Do not hesitate! See you soon! Tana.